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Tickets for Specific Days?

Hello everyone! 

So, last year there was the option of buying tickets by the day. This meant that one possible schedule could be classes on Thursday and Friday, nothing on Saturday, then classes again on Sunday. However, now it looks like we are forced to attend every day, or otherwise just skip the first day?

My boyfriend and I had classes all four days last year, but we kind of wanted one day in the middle off this time around - we didn't have much time for shopping with our schedule the way it was! But has that option just been taken away, or is there a way around the online ticket structure?  

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer me!

Oh, and I am asking for Snowmass, if that changes things. (I came to this page from a link in the Snowmass festival, so I was under the impression the forum was location-specific. Guess I was wrong!)

Hi Ashley and Asia,

We will be releasing single day tickets to all festivals the first week in March. You can mix and match the days to create your festival experience.

With the single day ticket you will be able to schedule up to four activities per day which include; yoga class or workshop, meditation, Speakeasy lecture, guided run or hike, hooping or Slackline yoga class and SUP Yoga as well. You will have access to all live music and the Kula vendor market.

Please let me know if you have any other questions as I am happy to answer them.

In gratitude,


Oh okay, so basically those will always be available, just not for the special sale price. Thank you so much, Kelly!

 Could I get some further clarification on that too? Does the 4 class limit not include music? So I could do 4 classes and music?


Will one day tickets be available in Aspen-Snowmass this year (2016)? Thanks!

If I only have tickets for Fri and Sat is it possible to attend the music Thur night?


I need to know the same thing for Vermont...

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