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Unable to schedule classes for Wanderlust Tremblant


I bought a 3 days pass and I am unable to schedule classes (check box). This is was it says;

Adding this requires a ticket.

Contact the event organizer for ticket details
and try adding this again after you obtain one

I am having this same problem. I have tried to contact customer support multiple times and have been doing so for multiple days with no response. I have ticket details, and that is obviously not helping. How do I fix this problem?


Wanderlust starts tomorrow I have put in a couple of questions to customer support. Will anybody reply to me?

Do I need to sign up for the 5k, yoga and meditation or just the bonus activity.  I was able to sin up for hooping, but when I try to add the run, yoga or meditation to my schedule it says I need a ticket.  I have a print out of my ticket to bring on Sunday.  do I need anything else?

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