Taking center stage in our dining experience is the Farm to Table Dinner—a chef-crafted meal sourced from the freshest seasonal produce and locally farmed meats. Crafted by Southern chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author Kevin Callaghan, this dinner marries a local food ethos with a fine dining palette, all set with the backdrop of North America’s most magnificent views. A North Carolina native, Chef Callaghan believes food should both nourish and delight.

You can purchase a ticket to the Stratton Farm To Table Dinner here. Ticket includes tax, gratuity, and two beverages including selections by Wave Series Wine, TY-KU, Agave Tequila, and Sugar Hill Rum (must be 21+ to drink). Please bring your valid photo ID if you plan to drink!

Menu Guidelines:

Meet and greet time- likely will be a seafood component (oysters in some locations), but will have vegetarian pieces available.
First course- completely Gluten Free and vegetarian, with the possibility of one non-vegetarian protein offered.
Bread course- will always be Gluten Free bread available.
Hot course- there will always be a signature protein, but all other sides will be vegetarian and Gluten Free.
Dessert- will always be vegetarian, and will have the ability to make it Gluten Free.