Taking center stage in our dining experience is the Farm to Table Dinner — a chef-crafted meal sourced from the freshest local ingredients. Hosted at one of Wanderlust’s most spectacular locations, the Roundhouse Lodge, the dinner overlooks a breathtaking alpenglow sunset and takes sky-high dining to the next level—6,000 feet up, to be precise. Local farms provide seasonal produce and sustainably farmed meats, overseen by Executive Chef Wolfgang Sterr as he marries his local food ethos with a fine dining palette. This palatial venue perched atop Whistler Mountain is unlike any other dining experience. 

You can purchase a ticket to the Whistler Farm To Table dinner here. Ticket includes includes tax, gratuity, and two glasses of wine, beer, or TY-KU Sake (must be 21+ to drink). Please bring your valid photo ID if you plan on drinking!

Menu Guidelines:

Meet and greet time- likely will be a seafood component (oysters in some locations), but will have vegetarian pieces available.
First course- completely Gluten Free and vegetarian, with the possibility of one non-vegetarian protein offered.
Bread course- will always be Gluten Free bread available.
Hot course- there will always be a signature protein, but all other sides will be vegetarian and Gluten Free.
Dessert- will always be vegetarian, and will have the ability to make it Gluten Free.