Traveling from North Carolina, the Salt & Smoke Roadshow is coming to Wanderlust. An evening celebrating the best the South has to offer. Dance to live music, eat ridiculous, local, whole-hog BBQ and all the fixings, pocket and ever-so-fashionable Salt & Smoke pint glass, and relish that first, perfect beer. It's all local. And it's all good.

BBQ Menu

Smoked BBQ Chicken

  • Pasture-raised, organic chicken, firecracker sauce

Macaroni & cheese (Veg + GF)

  • Grilled sweet onion, Anaheim peppers, mushroom, four cheeses

Overnight Pinto Beans  (Veg + GF)

  • Dry-cropped, organic beans, ancho chili, lime, heirloom American rice, sweet squash pickle

Roasted root vegetables  (Veg + GF)

  • Locally sourced, olive oil, sea salt, rosemary

Slow-cooked greens  (Veg + GF)

  •  Bragg’s vinegar, hot pepper

Cornbread  (Veg + GF)

  • Stone-ground heirloom corn, spiced honey butter

Dessert  (Veg + Can be made gluten free; Fruit & whipped cream only)

  • Salted caramel brownies with summer fruit and fresh whipped cream