Southern chef Kevin Callaghan joins with lululemon to create an evening celebrating the best the South has to offer. Lululemon brings the party: Dance to live music, eat ridiculous, local, slow cooked BBQ, a bounty of side dishes with plenty of vegetarian options, and relish that first, perfect cocktail. It's all local. And it's all good. Isn't it time you got your South on?

BBQ Menu

Smoked BBQ Chicken

  • Pasture-raised, organic chicken, firecracker sauce

Macaroni & cheese (Veg + GF)

  • Grilled sweet onion, Anaheim peppers, mushroom, four cheeses

Overnight Pinto Beans  (Veg + GF)

  • Dry-cropped, organic beans, ancho chili, lime, heirloom American rice, sweet squash pickle

Roasted root vegetables  (Veg + GF)

  • Locally sourced, olive oil, sea salt, rosemary

Slow-cooked greens  (Veg + GF)

  •  Bragg’s vinegar, hot pepper

Cornbread  (Veg + GF)

  • Stone-ground heirloom corn, spiced honey butter

Dessert  (Veg + Can be made gluten free; Fruit & whipped cream only)

  • Salted caramel brownies with summer fruit and fresh whipped cream