Wellspring will feature all the transformational elements you've come to expect from Wanderlust: a world-class yoga program, deep meditation sessions, hikes and runs in gorgeous outdoor settings, and delicious healthy culinary offerings - but Wellspring brings even more to the plate.

Three big additions stand out: firstly, our movement program broadens to include fitness classes (like spinning, Barre, HIIT high intensity workouts, and breakdancing). Secondly, our lecture program has been hugely augmented to become a veritable thought conference featuring the most inspiring names in wellness. These sessions will be dynamic and interactive sessions, not 1-way talks for passive listeners. Our speakers are coming to Palm Springs prepared to get Wellspring guests engaged with their ideas: from mental health to sexual wellness, from sustainable design to recovery, we are going to touch on all the most relevant aspects of health and well-being. Thirdly, when it's time to relax, we're providing an entire treatments area called the Wellspring Spa, where guests can recharge by indulging in healing modalities like Ayurveda, essential oils, massage and bodywork.

As with all Wanderlust events, Wellspring will foster discovery and transformation, encouraging hands-on participation with active experiences to connect us to a common goal: fostering healthy individuals, a healthy society and a healthy planet. With nearly 150 different classes, lectures, workshops and panels across fitness, holistic medicine, health, social change, conscious capitalism and more, Wellspring will invites people of any age, and from any background, to think about wellness within a larger, new paradigm.

Wellspring will welcome thousands of leaders, practitioners and enthusiasts to examine wellness in all its facets: personal wellness, social wellness and global wellness. With world class practices and workshops curated to move mind, body and soul, and speakers who will challenge you to think of wellness in a whole new way, Wellspring positions itself to be a transformative, 3-day event unlike any other: part festival and part thought summit - it's inspiration on a whole new level.

Sage badges will include unlimited access to all events, advanced scheduling, lodging credit for a limited time, shuttles to and from downtown Palm Springs, access to the badgeholder lounge, a premium gift bag (our Wellness Toolkit) and more.